Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apples Apples Apples

 It's down to this last box of apples, but it's a huge box. I am bound and determined to use it all up so I can start quilting again. So these are the cast of characters that are going to help me
 The dehydrator has helped me make a large freezer bag full of snack bag dehydrated apple slices- a good school snack.
The crockpot has helped me with 6 -8oz jars of apple carmel sauce and now  we are making applesauce. We also have an apple pie in the works.

Nana dog will no longer be able to grab an apple and take it to the livingroom. She guards them. Thank goodness she doesn't chew them up. That would make a mess and she's been saving that for rolls of toilet paper."Look mom confetti"That's what I got to clean up this morning. Good thing I love her.

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