Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend recap and Week Prep

 It was a busy weekend here at the Wayne household. I even wore the husky out.  8 miles of walking for us. Isn't she so cute with her head on that white pillow? Not what I had in mind when I purchased said white crocheted pillow
 The scrappy log cabin quilt is growing and the original 20 blocks has now grown to 36. That will make a good lap size or end of bed quilt
 Remember those confetti mini quilts I was telling you about? Well I got one done and another one planned out.

 And now for the week prep..... I've been doing this a few weeks now and the kiddos notice. "Mom, how come you aren't prepping real food for our lunches. We want real food too"
 Normally I pack them a PB&J, chips and cookies. They have asked for veggies and a fruit too.
 That meant lots of chopping and getting all the containers out. Grapes, cantalope, carrots, cucumbers,bell peppers tangerines and apples. Along with prepping food, I've got my workouts planned out and clothes for work picked out and put aside.
"The more organized you are the more freedom you have."
 This just helps keep me on track for the week in all things. Health= mental, physical and financial 2015.

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