Friday, January 2, 2015

A list of meal ideas for January

Meal planning is such a good idea on so many levels. Having a go to list of meals saves money, reduces stress and gets everyone on the same page. We also make allowances to go out to eat too so that the family doesn't twitch.
1. Pear, fig and gorgonzola ravioli (from whole foods)
2.Pork chops, Potatoe gratin, broccoli
3.Chicken salad and cucumbers
4. Baked stuffed chicken
5. Taco salad
6. Frittata and melon
7.Bean burritos
8.Mac and cheese and salad
9. Hamburgers, tater tots
10. Potatoe soup and salad
11.Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes
12. Pork Chops with chutney, roasted veggies
13.Veggie quesadilla
14.Roast beef sandwiches
15. Pizza and salad
16. Grilled cheese and tomatoe soup
17. lasagna, rolls, salad
18. Eggs, hash browns, bacon
19.Baked potatoe bar and salad
20.Maple mustard pork, grilled apples
21. Meatball Subs
23.BBQ chicken sandwiches
24. Salad, soup and Bread
25.Sausage, Peppers, Potatoe bake
27.Sloppy Joes

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