Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Advent calendar and getting back

While we were on the plane going to CA I stitched some numbers for a advent calendar that is on my project list. I got up to 13 and found the fabric in the background at a quilting store in Sonora. That was the same day that I lost the keys to the rental car. Ever done that? First for me.... although I have lost my wallet and had my purse stolen on previous trips to Sonora so I think someone has put a curse on me. It was fine and as they say "all about choices". So that day I got to meet and ride with a very nice tow truck driver named John who towed the car to the dealership where I met some really fun guys that worked in the parts department. Hung out with them for about two hours while a key was being made and the car reprogramed. My kids were being taken care of by my best friend growing up, sisters and parents and had a great time fishing and we all met up again once I was done. So could have been much worse and I was only out $110.00. After that I chose to take my "dumbass" sign off my forehead.
We had a good trip. We got to play in the ocean and go to the aquarium in Monterey with Soulmates parents. We also got to go to a animal rescue for wild animals that they train for movies and TV. We ate out at some good restaurants, had grilled hamburgers one night at their house- yummy food. Soulmate stayed on with his parents while the girls and I drove up to my hometown of Sonora. We met up with my two sisters, cousin, parents, grandmother and aunts. We were busy! We had some great big family dinners at my sister Megans house, got to see my sister Leah's new home, went to Yosemite and of course my day at the dealership, kids got to fish.
Soulmate met up with us and we went for a hike around Pinecrest Lake which kicked all of our butts. We truly are flat landers now. My knees still need WD40. We had an adult dinner at the Casino's fancy restaurant 7 Sisters, got to see Dee Dee's new home with acreage and her growing boys I held as babies- total shock at the broad shoulders and deep voices.
I'm sure there is stuff I didn't mention but I'm still on west coast time and my clock is all messed up. So now we are back and making list for the next two weeks. School is out the 19th for us and there is plenty to do before that. I'm sure the girls will have work to make up. I did all the laundry yesterday and have to get some food in the house today.
I took over 300 pictures and you can find them on Type in dena wayne and then go to people. There is a way to link it to my blog but I have yet to learn that so friends out there give me a call and lead me through that.
Take care- Dena

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