Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lu Lu , Ginger and Patriot - Oh My

Meet Patriot. He is a Beta fish that Queen 2 gets to keep in her room as long as she keeps it clean. I'm not above bribing my kids and so far so good. The fish is red, white and blue- thus his name. He is very relaxing to watch and I could have one in every room of the house. This scares Soulmate!
They are here. The tri color one is Lu Lu and the Ginger colored one is, well Ginger. Lu Lu is younger than Ginger by about four months. We are hoping that Ginger is not pregnant because she is really chubby, quiet, and likes to find the hiding places, including a log tunnel that she was too big for and gooshed out the sides of. That was funny.

In all the excitment and being over the moon for her guinea pigs Queen 1 fell asleep watching them. She napped like when she was a toddler with the mouth working and everything. Doll baby.

Our other poor babies had to be shaved down. They got really matted at the kennel and after trying to brush them out for two hours we decided just to shave them. Charlie got a cut under his armpit but the grooming took him to the vet to get his skin glued. Poor Baby! I don't think he could look any skinnier. Jack just looks like a cartoon character with his crooked mouth and buggy eyes.

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