Friday, June 4, 2010

Feel Like Sh*(&

It is only cause I love you all that I can share this most unfaltering picture of me in the wee hours of the morning, miserable, not able to breath. Well- that and I really want some sympathy. Pathetic- I know.
Still hanging out with this &*^% cold that the youngest queen gave me. I haven't touched the sewing machine in days and I'm getting bitter about that. New News- I took a temp job out of the house making calls to vendors- I'm feeling grown up again. And yes that is tissue hanging out of  my nose- better that than the constant dipping out of something I couldn't even breath out of. Being sick is RUDE!


  1. awww I hope you feel better. I just got over horrible allergies which caused me not to be able to breath. The good news is it will end soon! Feel better

  2. Baby, baby, baby......Here is a virtual hug for you....soooo soooo sorry you have the snots.....nothing worse than a swollen nose that you can't even blow!

    Hope that stay at home man is bringing you tea and crumpets!:)