Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

The drive was beautiful
Wow- the entrance and lodge was so cool

They upgraded our room to a loft suite- SWEET
We got ready to tackle the waterslides
Took a break to eat some of the best BBQ
Had to walk off some dinner in Williamsburg
Then hit the park againThe wave poolThe jungle gymQueen 1 chillingOn our way home we had to stop off at Bass Pro Shop. We had never been in one before
There were bears- Oh my
A cute little red fox
Lynz even. Of course lots of deer heads mounted on the wall to which Queen 1 pointed out that ,"they named who killed them and where they were murdered" It was not kind of me, but I could not stop laughing.
Then Queen 2 asked her dad for a gun because shooting was fun-Yeah that's not happening.


  1. really think that drive was beautiful? It's a tree don't see anything but TREES...I've driven it too many times to think it is pretty!;)

    Did you know Pierce's is a legend?:) Good stuff!!

    Glad you all had a good time in my old neck of the woods!

    Congrats girls on your great grades and graduating to the next level!!

  2. What fun!

    Love what Queen 1 said about the deer heads!!!!!!