Saturday, September 4, 2010

Virginia City, NV

There were cowboys and cowgirls
There was a train ride showing us all the different mines and history of the town
Saloons with silver ceilings and colored glass
Let's not forget the stagecoach ride that took us up to 20 mph

Bullet, Pistol, Jake and Tuffy gave us a smooth ride.

The mine tour. Yes, I hit my head 4 times coming out of there, because it was really small and dark. Think I was in a hurry? It didn't help when the guide turned off all the lights 100 ft in.
And then there were the wild horses. Sigh. I think I could have spent all day here. This herd had two babies.
These two were off on their own a mile or so away and I couldn't figure out why. Then someone explained that they were probably having a romance. Don't they look romantic? HA!
This was a wonderful day.

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