Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bee Blocks Done

Ok, so I'm soooo loving this theme and how it uses scraps and of course it was thought up by no other than Miss Creative herself - my sister from another mister- Spinster Sister. So it was Sis' month to come up with a block for the Bee Liberated Bee. Did I mention I love this idea? Yeah- I'm so stealing it on some level. Best part of my day making these blocks:)

These blocks were done for Ashley for the Bee Modern Too Bee. Now, I will admit, I was scared when I first saw what she wanted. ( I hate paperpiecing- more it hates me) So today I was brave. I pulled out her fabric and started to create and thought I had a good thing going with block on the right- gnome house, mushrooms, applicae, it's all good and then I went back and read that the block is suppose to be 8x10 not 10x10- OK so lets do what she asked for......paperpiecing........1.5 hours later you have block on the left.
I hope she likes them, better, I hope she can use them:{
For Modern Quilting Bee Mary asked for liberated crosses- so easy- why haven't I done these before?
This is a quilt I am working on now. One of three actually. This one is a railfence.
And this is what happens after a day of sewing- looks like a bomb went off. I call it creative chaos.

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  1. LOL, it does look like a bomb went off. I love the blocks, the crosses and the gnome and shrooms.