Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pink Expressions Crib Quilt

What started out as above turned into the top three. I finished it last night staying up until 1 am because I just wanted to get the binding done. This is the second quilt to be made out of the Expressions line by M'liss Rae Hawley. This is a 38.5 inch square quilt. I embroidered the center piece and then gave that a border. The material I was thinking for the center ended up being a great binding fabric. Straight line quilting at a diagnal and loopy free motion in the center. Plans for 2 more quilts out of this line.


  1. the center.

    Are you going to do Round 8 of the ORBC? I am amazed at how quickly the center and sides go together and it's a great idea to use for other your embroidery pieces could go in the center. It's so nice to not have to match corners except for the triangle parts and that's not even hard.

  2. the center looks like a sand dollar. Really cute.