Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bluemont Fair 2010

When it starts off like this how can a weekend go bad?
I wanted to give you some different looks from last years fair and with the new vendor "The Linen Lady" that wan't hard to do. I spent most of my time here and you can see why. It was incredible and I wanted everything. I walked out with a vintage apron for Queen 1 who is talking about kitchen safety in school and has taken an interest in all things baking.
While I was up to my elbows in vintage linens the peeps were walking around the baked goods part of the fair set up in the old post office.
Queen 2 had to show us why she is queen of rock climbing- up tp the top in five seconds flat.
I put my name in the raffle for this beauty. I REALLY want it so cross your fingers for me.
And last some painted glass to show mom. circles and stripes and everything nice.

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  1. Did you see a stained glass type quilt there? That was made by Kerry, our shipping manager.

    Glad you had such lovely weather!;)