Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scrappy 9 patch

I got a bag full of scraps from a friend and I have been making my way through them. I have four huge bins full of fabric that I won't let myself touch until I get these baskets of scraps under control. This is a scrappy 9 patch- irish chain. It is 43 inches square. Good size for a kiddo or lap quilt.

I sewed the scraps together to make the border also.

And the back. Straight line quilting. and tada a finished quilt.


  1. This is gorgeous!! I need to do this because I have three bags of scraps under my cutting table that need to be in something. My DQS11 was made entirely of scraps and I have so many more left! Send me your address and I'll make one for you! :)

  2. It's beautiful. I got my box of fabric in the mail by the way, and loved it! Thank you so much.