Saturday, August 27, 2011

What Happens

This is what happens when you rush through quilting a quilt and decide you hate it. During the giveaway week I have been working on a quilt that I had hoped to have done by now. The middle quilting turned out great and I thought I would try something different for the sides and I HATED IT. Those quilts will talk to you alright. They say stuff like " OOH put me with that fabric" or "What were you thinking doing that?" or " You're kidding right? This is So not happening". So I listened and spent a day- yes a whole day -don't tell Soulmate- sitting on the couch and picking all the little stitches out of the outside quilting. So to redeem myself I made this............

Meet yumm. For those of you that haven't been over to GO NOW! She just had her first show in the Food Network. So exciting. Anyhoo -This is the whiskey BBQ peach chicken. It was so good people, so good. I put in some fresh peaches too just because I had them. Did I mention it was yum? Yum! Skin off the thighs because I didn't want to add to my thighs. Brown rice instead of mashed potatoes, again because of thighs. And a butter leaf salad. Perfect.

Oh and some of you have asked why our Virginia house is still on the blog header. Well, because we still own it. God has a buyer picked out for us and when that happens I will change it to our New Mexico house. Keep praying! I hope you have a great weekend. Girls have homework, Avery wants a pink streak in her hair ( I'll take a pink streak over a boyfriend anyday) and we are having our Virginia friends (met them at school registration- Thank you God) over for dinner. I'm making the World's Best Lasagna by It's a whole day adventure.


  1. Awe....sorry about your quilt. That's frustrating....but that food looks great, so maybe the frustration was lessened as you ate?!?!?!

    Praying you sell your home. I don't know how the market in VA is, but I will pray for God to send someone your way. =) Have fun.

  2. My mom made these kinds of cookies for my birthday. Today, I also prepared it at my home and added so much chilly powder and turmeric powder because I likes its test so much.

  3. killing me with the peach chicken thing. looks yummy!

  4. Cooking with fun is always great. I also do same thing when my turn coming at the kitchen. Can 't wait to try this fun idea with cupcake and vegetables.