Friday, May 1, 2009

In the works

The top picture is of some material I put together for a little girls quilt that I'm working on now. The bottom is a picture of completed petal pushers from their jeans that were too short. I cleaned out closets and dropped off the bags to Goodwill and kept these three. Now I don't have to buy shorts this summer. I spent one day and painted up a storm. Bev was very happy to see me walk into the ceramic place with all my goodies. Shadow- the black cocker- gave me the biggest hug and kiss. His arms felt like teddy bear arms- so sweet. I picked up a few more things and will pick up the finished stuff on Sunday. It is amazing how busy these last two months of school get. The girls are studying for SOL'S (that is standard of learning tests not shit out of luck) Queen 1 went on a field trip yesterday to her new middle school and is very excited to go. Now that the school boundary changes have been announced I think she feels like she can make bonds with other friends. I hear her talking about other girls more. Queen 2 had tennis yesterday and she makes me smile, watching her little body hussle for the ball. Her coach was a bit tougher on her than the others, but she didn't seem to mind. "Bring it on" is her mentality.
Hope all is well with everyone and Mom, I'm glad you liked the pictures of Borcz Cabin. I have more to show you.

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