Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is Queen1 standing in front of her artwork that has been displayed at our local mall. Hers is the one with the purple backing. I don't know why she is making this funny face other than we couldn't get out of this mall fast enough. We brought her down to perform with her chorus from school. They did about 30 minutes of singing. This was the second time for me to hear it, first for Soulmate and Queen2 was at a friends having a playdate. My Mom radar was going off bigtime. Too many people in the mall. But we got in and out ok and home safely.
These are pictures of the sky and incoming weather. We have only had one tornado warning since we've lived here, but since then, we really keep a eye out when the weather turns. Soulmate and I have been through a earthquake, hurricane, fire and mudslides where we have lived in the past.(3 of those all in southern CA) I could do without the tornado.

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