Monday, August 31, 2009

Only one more week...

I can't decide if I am counting down the days or if I am sticking my head in the sand wanting it to go away. This summer has been like a top spinning. No set plans, kids sleeping in until all hours of the morning, no pressure, no rush , but also not alot of structure and I'm a girl that likes her structure. So the kiddos start school next Tuesday. I've already been on the phone with transportation because they took away our bus stop. "Holy Smokes batman" Say a few prayers that it gets resolved. I'm not real happy about the queens crossing a busy street or walking in mud for a block. Great options huh? We have open houses this week at both schools. My first year that the girls go to different schools. Queen 1 doesn't get her home room until Open House and her schedule the first day of school. Queen 2 is having her first male teacher. Our elementary school has a whole new office staff. "Again Holy smokes batmen".

So the picture of Hank because he is beautiful and being out there with him brings me peace. He reminds me of the Heather Ross fabric and how sick is that - I now think in fabric. Again say prayers and I will chant "it will be fine"

Enjoy your last week!

Oh- washer died yesterday so new one to be put in today. Yippee! lots of loads of laundry.

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