Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Flew by

Queen 1 with some scruffy mutts. They look much better now after a haircut.
Queen2 with friend at the pool where we spent alot of summer.
We went to the middle school open house yesterday and OMG. It was crazy! She got her locker and combination and practiced opening it and set up all her stuff in it. We met her homeroom teacher Mr Knapp. She is in her homeroom with the kids that have W as a last name. There was one Z in there too. It is a whole new world!
Today we go to the elementary school to meet Queen 2's teacher Mr Reed. We have a new principle and all new office staff so that will be exciting.
The weather has cooled off quite a bit and the evenings are getting into the 50's which makes going to the pool a pretty cold playtime so I'm not to sure what we are going to do with our afternoon.
This weekend we are going to pick raspberries. I got a time reserved at one of the farms nearby. Should be fun and yummy! Hope you have a good weekend.

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