Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy and Busy

This weekend was pack full of fun. We started off by getting our flu shots. Oh Boy. Above is a 9 patch block I made for a charity quilt. I made another one also, but didn't take a pic. I'm not so good at the blocks that have to meet up on points. It makes me frustrated at my sewing. I am currently working on the back of the wonky horse quilt. I like this better- more creative and I can put together the puzzle, so to speak. I hope to get that finished today or tomorrow.

We went to the Bluemont Country Fair on Saturday and looked at all the crafty stuff. I don't know how many people were buying but the day was perfect for it. We ate BBQ and walked around for a couple of hours. It is beautiful out there.

Sunday the family went to our fav course about 20 minutes away. It is pretty and not that busy and very relaxing. We had a lot of fun and I love that it is something we can do as a family. We played 9 holes. The girls and I still pick up quite a bit but we are getting better. At least that is what I keep telling myself. I'm sure the golf pro would disagree.

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