Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy mail Day

My fabric order came in yesterday so that made me happy, but what really put a smile on my face was this.....

This is the Banyan Tree Doll Quilt I received from Mary. There is so much detail work in this quilt it is mind blowing. All the little pieces sewn with a machine outlining all the little details- WOW. I call it a work of art. So that is the front, but then check out the back....
Pretty cool huh? Then I also got in the fun package some fabric

a cute little owl that she made- Queen 1 has already stolen this for her room. Love his button eyes.

There was also some See's candy. Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh) I have hidden this in my very secret spot and have told no one. Then this card that was sewn so cute. This was a secret swap so I had no idea who was sending me a quilt and what a lovely surprise to have someone who I know I am going to like and I look forward to getting to know Mary. Thank you so much!!!!


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