Sunday, September 6, 2009


As you can see from the pictures above we had a wonderful day. We started off berry picking at a local farm. We had tried to make reservations to get there last weekend and missed out but they still had plenty of berries for us to pick. It was a bit early for Queen 2 but otherwise I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
We came home and took a break. I got some sewing in. We headed out to the golf course and everyone played- myself included. Don't get me wrong, the girls and I picked up our balls plenty, but we didn't loose one. I played a entire hole and shot 7 on a par 4- well ok 10 if you include the whiffs and Soulmate says I have to include those. But we had so much fun as a family I asked for my own clubs, so I won't have to keep borrowing his.
Who knows what today will bring?

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