Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works in Progress Wednesday

For this one I have to paint the wood frame antique gold and glue the back for Queen 2's room. I also have Queen 1's name to paint in letters and put above her closet. I cleaned out her room today and the pigs were talking up a storm at me. Lu Lu does/doesn't like the vacuum. I can't decide if she is freaking out or really excited. She popcorns all over her cage.
This is the railfence that is laid out in squares on the floor that I need to sew together. I was really bad and instead of finishing this like I should I started on this.......

This is a wonky square quilt that I am doing with a Flickr group and I was really excited to learn and try. I am cutting fabric as I go as I don't want to waste or find myself with scraps I don't know what to do with. My scrap basket is running over as it is.
So what are you working on?

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  1. Hello Dena, Your wonky squares look great. Those bento box type quilts are fun to make and I have way too may scraps too. I can finally leave a message and not stalk you as to give away that I was making your DQS7. I hope you liked it. You said you would like anything, so I went with a scene from a poem read to me by my Grandmother from an old children's book. Enjoy the See's candy it is a local store here in So. Cal. I did make the owl just because I knew you liked them so. The eyes are antique glass buttons. Fun getting to know you from afar ;)

    Mary Perrine