Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Blue Giveaway

Jeanne won the notebook and
Susan won the fabric

There were a couple of reasons I started this giveaway series...
one- I will have been blogging for a year in Feb.
two- I am going to reach my 300th post about the same time
three- I wanted to give back to the blogging/flickr community who has been such great inspiration and help to me
So for this one...... We all have "blue" days. If you tell me you don't, I won't believe you. You wake up and the sun isn't shining for ya. whatever. How do you pull yourself out of it? Do you? Or do you just ride the wave. Some days I put myself in time out. Before this turns into a therepy session tell me...... "What do you do when you are blue?" Up for grabs is a ribbon covered journal and no I didn't make it, I wish I did as it is beautiful. I bought it and second a half yard of Freespirit Robyn Pandolph Flirt. Leave a comment and don't forget to "follow" my blog because the BIG 300 post's a coming. Name will be drawn Sunday January 31st and by then I'm sure I'll have lots to share with you. I've blocked out some major sewing time. Wahoo!!! NOW ClOSED


  1. Dena, that's great! Congratulations on "almost" having your 300th post! I think it's great that you want to give back and, hey...I know whoever receives this pretty journal and precious fabric is sure to not be blue on giveaway day! Good luck!

  2. Aren't you sweet! Will you enter me for the fabric giveaway? It's not that I don't like the notebook, but I just won one on Rafael's Mum's blog recently and so I don't need another.... And shut-up, I know I don't NEED any more fabric, either, but I love this piece, it's so sweet!

    Thanks, Batgirl!

  3. My comment was if I feel 'blue' I do one of 2 things:
    1. Go for good brisk walk, either in the neighbourhood, enjoying looking at all the gardens as I pass by or further afield in the countryside.
    2. Start another Patchwork project. If I'm doing something creative, especially when rotary cutting, I can't afford to let my mind wander ....or I might be a few fingers missing!!
    Congrats with the Blog

  4. Oops, forgot! I honestly don't wake up blue very often, and when I do it's because I have a good reason, like one of the pets is sick or something..... time is the only thing that helps that, or being more pro-active and working on a solution.

    Sometimes I get up bored- not much I can do about that, either, but it never lasts. Probably helps that I have the attention span of a baby gnat! lol

  5. When I feel blue, I get go for a walk or I drive down to my local craft store and try to get some inspiration to start on a new project. Hopefully, it will just be an inspiration and not turn into retail therapy. If I don't feel like going out, I pick up my knitting and put on my earphone to listen to podcast and just zone out.

    Congratulations on your 300th entry. I am still working on keeping up with my blog.

  6. I put on my wireless headphones and put on some upbeat music to listen to while I work. Always seems to get me out of the funk. My grandson always seem to have the same effect ;0)

  7. I have a gratitude journal I write in a lot. I used it write in it nightly but now just a couople time a week. I'll look back through it and see all the things that I'm thankful for and remember how good I really got it.

    I will also clean something .... maybe a drawer or cupboard. Something about getting an area all organized makes me feel like I'm more in control.

  8. Lovely giveaway :)
    When I am blue, I paint, stitch, sew or sculpt. Keeping crafty keeps me occupied and less likely to stay depressed.
    I love your stitching. My friend Deana is in the Hoop Up swap (I think sparrow group?), so I have seen some of your wonderful work.

  9. When I feel blue I go an hit a tennis ball as hard as I can, read a book, or get lost in sewing something.. just because....

  10. Hi Dena, glad I found your blog which I hadn't before (I know.. I could have, but so much to keep up with!). I'll bookmark it now.

    Thanks for the chance to win in your lovely giveaway. When I feel blue, I just ignore it... It's not very positive moping around so I concentrate on getting work done.. Having achieved something at least is a positive thing and I think you should look for the positives, whether it helps or not...

  11. Okay, sometimes I eat ice cream....:D
    Less fattening is watching an old movie while sewing or cleaning/organizing something!! (Fred and Ginger, Doris and Rock, or musicals like Singin' in the Rain...)

  12. Listening to Michael Buble, singing "feeling good", real loud, and singing along, because I just can't help it. Always, ALWAYS gets me out of any kind of funk I'm in. It reminds me to be thankful.

  13. Thanks so much for this lovely give away. I love blue, yes, but to feel blue ...! It helps me when I grap a cup of coffee and my bible. Focusing on God's love always gives me new power.
    I'm looking forward to read more posts from you!
    Take care

  14. Man...I know I put your blog in my dashboard but it must not have worked and I didn't realize it! Well, it is there now!!

    Wow...300!! I think I have 30!;) Big freakin' congrats to you!!

    Feeling blue....doesn't happen a lot but I think my favorite thing to do is crank up the stereo with several of the mixed CDs Maria has made for me.....always gets me happy!!:)