Friday, January 8, 2010

Hoop Up

I got talked into joining a stitching swap. You know who you are and shall go un-named. I can follow instructions- like "quit linking me to you" Can you feel the love? Anyway, I'm in this group of 7, might be 6, they keep dying off. You come up with a theme and each person stitches something for you within your theme. My theme is trees-artistic trees. This is what I came up with for me. I have several other ideas too, but for now this is a start.
We had a 2 hour delay today. We had an inch of snow last night. I was praying for more, but it was not to be. So I am going to school to work at the door for a couple of hours and then walking the big dog in this freezing weather. Stella loves it so. Her joy almost makes the cold go away. After that a big cup of hot tea to warm up. Whatcha doing today?


  1. Your tree is cool! It needs a hootie owl, though!

    I'm not going outside for 2 seconds, today. It's UP to 5º from our low of 1. Brrrrr and the wind, she is howling. Blech.

    I'm heading upstairs to finish quilting my selvage project then I'll stitch around the edge and wash it and shrink it before cutting it to size and binding it. Then I'll wash it again. lol Gotta have the crinkly binding!

    That's the plan, anyway. Knowing the man, I'll probably get sucked into another lousy movie, though.

  2. just wanted to stop by and say hi. I just posted a link to your blog from my blog. :o)