Monday, January 25, 2010

This Past Week

I got Ryan's(I'm just a guy who quilts) owl done and sent to him. I was so focused on getting it out the door I forgot to take a picture of it. So thank you Ryan for the picture. I used fabric on the feathers and moon. Satin stitched the beak and eyes. I liked how he turned out.
For Amy (sewamy) I embroidered this pattern she had on her post showing her theme. She wanted something "Sew Wednesday" This little bird spoke to me, so that's what I did. Both of these embroideries are for the Hoop Up Swap. I have four more to make.

I finished this quilt and named it Bright Joy. I found this fabric in NY when we went for a visit this summer and cut it up into 2 1/2 inche squares and made 12 blocks with them, placing colors to make different patterns. I sashed it in white. It came out to be 40X 52. I thought of it being bigger when I started, but you know how a quilt will tell you the path to go down? This one wanted to be this size. I used the left over blocks I had made for the back. I put it and 2 other quilts in the shop.

I rec'd this fabric Thursday and that night drew this up. The next day knocked out these blocks and am now waiting for more fabric to complete it. So this one is "in the works". I love the rich colors of this one- gray, butter yellow and merlot.

Finally, I got this table runner done for a Feb. birthday present. I can't tell you how many Feb. Birthdays there are. It is almost like Christmas. My hubby, sister, daughter, nana, aunt, and five friends. So there- I did tell you. I forgot ME- I am turning the BIG 40. da da donnnnnn. If I start running around with smoke coming out of my ears -you know why- and please put out the brain fire.


  1. Great post with so many lovely pictures. Love the pink and orange! Happy stitching.

  2. I got my sweet bird in the mail today. thank you so much. I love him/her.