Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blooming Inspiration

These are the trees the girls have been climbing in at the side of our house. They are too pretty to climb in now. Lots of little pink blossoms.

Our Bradford Peartree in front
And the other.. What is this? Maple?
Look at the comments below- Dee knows.

I got to sew today... Wahoo. It feels like forever with the kids home on Spring Break and all the puppy walking. These are for Sarah from Modern Quilting Bee. She wanted string blocks-fun to make. This is going to make a awesome quilt.

These guys crack me up. Can you hear Jack ask, "Hey come in and play?"


  1. Hi Sweetie....your trees are stupendous but I think the white one is a Bradford Pear....most dogwood flowers have just 4 petals and I think the pink one is a Purple leaf Sand Cherry.

    Your string blocks are great...I bet it will be hard to give them up!:)

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  3. my comment was supposed to say that your blog is darling and I'm looking forward to reading through it.