Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some sewing time

I went to the library and got the first three you see. I bought the last one for the new bee I joined- Bee liberated. I have the first month in that one. It starts in May, so I have been cutting fabric and getting that ready. All of that will be in future posts I'm sure. I needed some inspiration because I joined a placemat swap and was stuck for a idea. As ideas often happen, mine came to me while walking and I went "Of course! That's what I'm going to do". So now there is a plan. I just have to get it done and seeing how this week is Masters weekend, I see some sewing time in my future.
These are the goodies that I am sending to....... wouldn't you like to know. HA- I'm not telling. This is for the Old Red Barn Co.'s " May we always be quilting friends swap" Love that group!

And Finally Fluffin....... He now comes running to the door at 6am when I open it and meows for his milk. He won't let me get within 3 ft of him -but we are making progress. I'm not sure who is training whom here. I think he might have me.


  1. Um....rabies shot?:o

    You are setting a bad precedence there with that lovely little mini.....spoiler!!

  2. Start putting Fluffin's milk closer and closer to the house, then inside the house. Then close the door a little at a time until he's comfy with that. Sit with him, low, while he laps. Move his bowl closer and closer to you and soon you'll be petting him. He will learn how good that feels! Gloves might be smart until he is vaccinated, though. Rabies shots aren't as bad for us as they used to be (been there, did that, ow) but they ARE expensive!