Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Fluffin finally decided to come in for a visit. This has been a four month project of feeding this little ball of fluff (thus his name) to trying to get him to accept people, to coming in for a visit. It didn't last for long - maybe 10 minutes and then he was crying to go outside. We've set up a place for him in the garage if he needs one. And speaking of the garage. Look what I found on my saddles when I went to run a few errands. Cowboy Pumpkin taking a nap.


  1. Oh how adorable! I had orange strip cats grewing up!! And dare I say a barrel racing saddle?? good luck with the stray! Hopefully he will eventually learn to trust more! :D

  2. YES! Pumps fist in air, SUCCESS! Fluffin will be coming in more and more, Dena, once he realizes how nice it is to feel safe and secure.

    Kudos to you, my dear, for your perseverance. And he's such a handsome, handsome boy!

    Cowboy Pumpkin- lol- he's wonderful, too. I loves me an orange cat!

  3. I dont think my mom put this in but I named Fluffin. he is accually gettin along very well.
    We just found out that it its acually a girl.