Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap 9

Wow. Who would have thought posting pictures could take me this long? Trying to get the blog to work first thing in the morning is not always easy. Where did June go by the way? I seem to have lost it. Someone stop the bus!!!!
Alright, back to the reason for this post. I was accepted into the Doll Quilt Swap 9 and yes that was a huge deal. I have swapped in this one since I learned about it in the 7th round and love the ladies/men, the talent and the inspiration of this group. Not to mention making little quilts is super fun and a great way to try new things. It is a secret swap. We know who we are sending to but not who we will be receiving from and who doesn't love a surprise? For my partner I am cooking up some whimsical mushroon/woodland love with my favorite line OZ. It is just in the beginning stages and who knows if it will stay true to my original thought. These things tend to take on a life of there own, but I pray my partner loves it.


  1. You and I could have the same partner, sounds too similar. These are really lovely.

  2. I LOVE OZ!!!!!! I SOOOOO hope you're my partner!

  3. Too sweet...that is a serious amount of embroidery!

    You started on your Switchin' Stitches yet? My partner wants teapots or teacups. I have drawn something up...I should show it to you for your opinion!:)