Thursday, July 8, 2010

Real Quick

The family went with Soulmate to Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains and what a pretty place. I so love the mountains. There were signs telling us to watch out for black bears but we didn't see any. I guess that is good. Would love to see one - just not to close- if you no what I mean. We played 9 holes of golf and I shot a 65 and I had fun. The girls would get to mad at themselves and give up, but they loved driving the carts and no one crashed into the water cooler this time. Ok I know that was brief and there is so much more to tell you but I have to get dinner on. Time is running away from me this summer big time!!


  1. Heheheee...are you sure they had fun...that last picture is hilarious!;)

    Did you go visit Schuyler where the real Walton's came from?:)

  2. Fun! I grew up at the foot of the Blue Ridge and I have never seen a live black bear except in semi-captivity at Grandfather Mountain.

    Where was your destination?