Saturday, July 17, 2010

Golf clubs and quilting greatness received

So being married to a golf pro one would think I would have gotten into this game a lot faster. I tried golf out when we first met and then quickly dropped it when it got to frustrating for me, then kids, horses, and then quilting took up my time. But now we are at a point in our family where it is fun to get into two golf carts with the kids and go out as a whole family and just spend some time together and the queens love to drive the carts. One likes hitting the ball more than the other, but hey we are all out there. After our trip to Wintergreen and me mentioning how much fun I had Soulmate went to a guy he knows and poof - new clubs for me- my very own woman's clubs that are the right size and everything. The queens can also use them. There are a starter set and once I get better we will add more clubs to it but for now they are perfect. We go out in the evenings to the range and hit balls as a family. Oh togetherness.

And now quilting greatness!!!!!

My Alice in Wonderland quilt from Lori. OMG! Did you hear me scream in Cali? So worth the wait and so artistic. I love these little quilts because their is so much inspiration at what people come up with and how they do what they do.  There is a little bit of everything in this quilt. Lori also sent queen rulers for the queens- they loved them. A 3.5 inch square and a handmade washcloth done by her mom in the flying geese pattern. Totally spoiled.
Look at the back!!! I mean seriously. She pieced the letters. So awesome. I love the whole thing.

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