Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swapping with my buddy

My friend Dolores and I got to meet up and swap our landscape quilts. I got to meet her daughter who is off to the U.K for a year of school. We had a great lunch and look at my great quilt. The one below is the one I made for her. I was inspired by my nightly walks and the pink summer sunsets.


  1. It was great seeing you yesterday...and I love my quilt. It is hanging on the closet door in our bedroom!;)

    For some reason I can see the photos on this post but I can't see any words and your background is not there. There's a little photobucket box that says "This image or video has been moved or deleted"
    Maybe it's just me!;)
    Thanks again pal!! xo

  2. I love these 2 quilts! Please tell me how you made yours Dena! I want to play with landscapes too. I have fabric picked out but don't know how to start.