Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 4th is special to us

Some pretty pictures of the area to brighten your day. This is a golf course Soulmate's company manages. We sometimes go out on a weekend day as a family with Soulmate and the Queens hitting balls on the grass and me picking apples from the trees when they are in season.

Today is Soulmate's birthday. I won't tell you his age. When he came home from work we gave him a bag full of goodies including books, a bookmark, sweatshirt, t-shirt and Starbucks card. He made out alright and seemed to like everything. We just got back from dinner and now there is a Wii bowling championship going on in the room next to me. We have cake baked from me for dessert. Yummy! Happy Birthday Soulmate! We love you!

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