Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sick and Sewing Day

The girls of the manor stayed home in our pj's until 4pm. We are all fighting some sort of cold bug. I was at the sewing machine most of the day making the Fairy Queen Bag. I did it. I'm so excited and proud. Tee hee. I feel like the sewing machine and I are finally becoming friends. We still have our moments.....they are just not as often. I made the bag by quilting it first and then piecing it together. The bottom gave me pause, but we worked it out. Went to JOann's to get some thread and they are having a wonderful sale. Yeah for me and thank you to Yas and Stac for my gift cards. (kid in a candy shop happy) I think I have to go back tomorrow. On to the next project....

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