Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the works

Embroidery is my design inspired by the fabric. Spent yesterday at the sewing machine as it drowns out the noise of the house being built next door. I will say this....they are moving along at a fast pace and have the two upper levels framed in. I think the roof will be next.
I shouldn't post new things when my head is in such a fog but wanted to say Hi to all. I think I need another cup of coffee. I'm almost done with above project and when it is complete I'll post pics. Last night I drew two more owl patterns to embroider. One will be a hand bag. the other a mini quilt wall hanging I think. I'm very much in the zone. A really sweet thing was last night both queens asked if they could do what I was doing and we picked out stuff for them to trace on the fabric and then they asked how I did what I did to make it look like that. Pretty cool for the mommy. So all three of us had our hoops and needles out as we watched tv with Soulmate.

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