Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today was a ME day

We all need ME days and today was mine. After three months I went and got my hair and eyebrows done and no longer resemble someone from one of the horror movies my family likes to watch. I say that with jest.

I love the spa smells of herb and peace and tranquility. The smells alone are enough to rejuvinate me. After the treatments I went and got tomato soup to take home for lunch with some yummy crusty bread, for what is soup without bread? Totally yummy! The two pups were looking up longingly at me from the floor. I spent some time on Flickr and computer surfing and then the queens came home and I took them to the library to get books. Came home with a bagful of crafting and quilting books to go through and then Soulmate says he wants to take the family out to dinner. Darn twist my arm. Totally rocking day. Yippee!

( It only took four tries to find a pic I liked. Taken by me and each one of those ladies looked like someone different than me. Tee Hee. Not so easy me thinks. )

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  1. Looks great! I had a day like that last week, just shoppin with my sweetie. Sometimes you just need that to recharge, and feel liek you again. It is good to not have to rock the mom jeans and ponytail :)