Saturday, March 21, 2009

Intro's to the barn

Here we have Cisco and Playboy. Both roping horses and both excellent horses. Playboy fits his name with lots of ego and swagger. I think I have forgotten how to ride. I tried to warm Playboy up and could not keep my butt in the saddle at a canter. It is the first time I've ridden in about five months but Bummer. I have to get back inot it a bit more. Remember Blue? Not there a week and someone wanted him. Good for Blue to have a new home, but Queen 1 will be bummed.

This is Midnight! I chased my first cow on this horse and when we reached the end I had the shakes from the adreniline. He looked up at me like "WHat's the big deal?" Fast!!!!!! That is the big deal.

Getting the cows ready to rope. I worked the shoot for the first time and did good up until the point where the front popped open and the second cow got out following the first and the horses as they tried to rope. I said, " $%$# Stay Cow!" like he was going to go back into the shoot. Funny! We laughed alot.

Fareed and Playboy

Anna and Cisco- Sorry it's blurry- constant motion.

lady B and Midnight

Anna and me. This is her birthday and fare well lunch. She has decided to go back home to Hawaii. I would like a brain transplant of all her horse ability. The girl can ride!

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