Thursday, May 27, 2010

June blocks in May

These are for Erin. I love this fabric and have some of my own and now it is calling me to do something with it. Before I do, I have to get the hex quilt top done and what a royal pain in the backside that is. What was I thinking? I will be sewing For- ev-er. I have 4 of 15 rows done. The good news is - it is very hot outside and nothing sounds better than being in the cool lower level I call the GirlCave.

Queen 1 had a wonderful birthday and we saw the cutest puppy shihtzu that I am telling myself not to get. I gave up fluffin and Queen found a home for her guinea pigs so we deserve this puppy right? Soulmate is out of town so we will see if I can be a grown up of not. I'm really trying.....but I make no promises.

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