Friday, May 14, 2010

A Tale of Fluffin

This is the baby girl this morning.  For those of you that don't know- I started feeding this wild feral kitten during the big snows and have worked to tame her and get her to accept humans. It has been about a four month process. A few days ago, I knew I needed to take her to the vet when I found ticks on her. I did the over the counter stuff immediately and hemmed and haaaed about taking her to the vet. Well, the next week I see worms and knew I had no choice. This baby needs care. I called the humane society and no one answered. Wrote them a e-mail to which the only reply was "where do you live?" Still haven't heard back from them. I couldn't get a answer at the animal shelter, but knew I wasn't going that route because they are a kill shelter with ads on their website asking for cat foster homes. I called my vet and the other vet that is close to be quoted prices of 500.00 and 600.00 for everything.( For a cat that I can't keep.) So hubby was away on business and I kept Fluffin in the garage so I could put her in the carrier in the morning and take her to the vet.I take her in Tuesday. At this point I'm thinking we will deal with the worms and have her get her rabies and other shots. My brain is thinking about the costs and how can I keep them down. The vet examines her and she is pregnant. She is a baby!!! A tiny little thing. So I leave her there so they can run tests and I call at noon and the vet has spayed her and is giving me the reduced price so the bill is only 400.00.  A little shocking but also a relief. She has been hanging out in the guest bedroom downstairs. She uses the litter box and is so stinking sweet. She purrs all the time and loves to be snuggled. Now what to do?...... I already love her. Shocking I know.

UPDATE- One of the vet techs called and asked if she could take her home for the weekend to see if she fits into their household. Please say a prayer that all goes well. For Fluffin and for our family.


  1. definitely praying for fluffin and your family. she's adorable, and it's great that she's friendly. i rescued a feral cat hit by a car two christmas eve's ago and she also turned out to be preggers! mama cat never adjusted to humans and she punched out a window screen to escape, but her babies were darlings. we found homes for three and kept one.

  2. Bless you for taking in the kitten and caring for her!!

    I have worked with feral cats before and it is SO rewarding when they begin to trust you.

    I hope Fluffin has found her furever home :)


  3. Hi Dena! Thank you for helping Fluffin! Hope all is well with you and yours!

  4. That's quite the story - and what a commitment to take in a feral kitten. I wish everyone got their outdoor cats spayed/neutered - I used to volunteer at a shelter, and it's just heartbreaking to see all the strays that get dropped off. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!