Monday, May 24, 2010

Lots of Yeah!

Queen 2 is on her second session of tennis and has moved up to Advanced Intermediate.( whatever that means)Queen 1 brought me home this lovely car magnet that I have been lusting over ever since I saw one. They only do this for middle school and at the beginning of the year I told her I REALLY wanted one of those. She has done so good. To think when we moved down here from upstate NY 3 years ago she needed a tutor to catch up. Way to go kiddo!More bragging.... I know.... I have to. She was the only one in her 6th grade chorus concert to get a solo. She did great. She won't sing in the car with just her family but stick her on a stage with a room full of people.
And finally the Mini Swap arrived. I made this one for Amy aka amwawillever. The theme was black, white and 1 color not to be square or rectangle. Queen 2 came up with this idea for me. Lime green is Amy's favorite color.

ps- for those of you that don't know me I call my girls queen 1 and queen 2 like Dr Seus calls thing 1 and thing 2


  1. Kudos to your kiddos! Advanced Intermediate sounds like a quilting term I haven't achieved. Hope you guys enjoy your summer!

    What fun - the Live Traffic Feed has me arriving from somewhere besides home. No wonder I feel like I'm traveling through space. :)

  2. Whooohooooo to the girls. I knows you a proud mama!;)

    Love your mini...good idea Queen 2.

    So....what does Queen 1 want to do for HER birthday...I know what I am going to do on MINE!;)

    BTW...what the heck is a Live Traffic Feed for?:)