Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy News

While I had a few days during the girveaway day  I got my hex quilt cut out and laid out. Now to sew it together.I finished the blocks for May in the Modern Quilting Bee.
The winner of the Giveaway is 136 Angela who said:" Thanks for doing a giveaway. I'm currently working on a bunch of projects, some baby blankets, burp clothes and quilts." Thank you to all that came to visit the Manor. I enjoyed reading your comments and looking at your blogs and profiles. Happy Spring to you all.

Finally, Baby Fluffin has a forever home with Sara the Vet tech. We miss her after four months of trying to gain  her trust and loving her, but are very happy that she is in a good place and can have a safe, long life.


  1. congrats to angela and baby fluffin! i hsve a soft spot for orange kitties! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  2. Lucky Angela! Thanks again for your give-away!


  3. I am indeed Lucky! Thanks so much for the great give away! I was thrilled to see that I won...I can't wait to create something wonderful with the fabrics and devour the book!

  4. oh and glad to hear that fluffin has a home! I'm such a sucker for stray cats. I worry about them at night. People think I'm crazy, but I just have a soft spot for them! Our own kitty was a stray kitten who found us...she's been a member of the family from the day she sat outside our neighbor's window and cried all night for someone to come get her. LOL.