Thursday, March 4, 2010

Breast cancer cure quilt done!

I love this quilt!! Pam Sizemore, Molly Bailey, Lara Evans, Ruth Costa, W.Kemp,Corey Yoder, Karen Cooper, Zeynep Austill, Julie Strauss Ming, Dana Bolyard, and me all put a little of ourselves into this. I was honored enough to put it together. It gets sent off tomorrow to Simply Pink. Auction will be in October on Etsy or Ebay so be sure to look out for it and say a prayer that it brings lots of money.


  1. WhoooHOoo....looks fabulous...Love the white sashing!!:) I finished mine yesterday too...gotta get those photos on flickr!:)

    Great job kiddo!!

  2. Great job!! The quilting is just beautiful too. It's so cool to think that is will help raise money for breast cancer.

  3. I'm so excited to see them all together - you did a beautiful job. I'm just so pleased that you all put out the call for the blocks.