Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilt Show and Intercourse PA

Dee and I met up at 6am and got on the road. We made super good time and got there in 2hrs 10 minutes. All the while talking and having a great time.
We met up with Heidi and Tracy and had to take a picture for Dana as a thank you for the Flickr group that brought us together. The quilts were amazing. Not just the tops and how they were put together, but the QUILTING. Wow. I would show you pics, but Heidi, who actually reads everything, mentioned that they didn't want us to do that. Thank goodness someone reads the stuff I should know. There were quilts that you couldn't even take pictures of. I loved being with Heidi, Dee and Tracy. It must be quilters in general. Such warm and easy people to be around and sharing a love of fabric doesn't hurt either.

From the quilt show we went to Intercourse PA. I want to bring the family back here. It was so charming. The Amish horse and buggies and quilts everywhere.

Look at all these quilts. You could barely move in this store for all the quilty goodness.

I pooped out long before the other girls and sat on a bench and people watched. It was so cool.
We headed home shortly after this and Dee and I made it back safely. Hugs goodbye.

When I got home this one pulls out the mini Dee had made for me ( she gave each of us a mini). Dee is her birthday twin. I may have to fight her for it. Actually, it would be really cute in her room.

This one lost her tooth at lunch while I was away. I guess there was blood and everything. Poor Dad.

Normally I don't like my picture taken when I'm sleeping, but those girls wore me out. The pups missed me. I'm never gone from them the whole day and Jack jumped on me and didn't get off. I think Avery was getting back at me for all the pictures I've taken of her.

And our girls wore the man out, Charlie too!

This was my booty for the day. I got this at Zook's. The Christmas fabric was 2.29 a yard. I found West Hill for 4.50 a yard and the other was 1.75 for 1/2 a yard. Kaufmann Kona was only 3.59 a yard. I held back from that, but I will be making a trip back there.
This is a better shot of the mini Dee made for me. The center is crossstitched. A tree for me- because I love trees. Isn't it beautiful? Thank you Dee. And thank you ladies for a wonderful day!


  1. I'm glad you guys had such a great day. I felt like I was there too! Great to have quilting friends with cool adventures that I can live vicariously through!! I get to have fun without leaving my house ....

  2. Yo Lady...thanks for driving...hope you are feeling better!:) Love all the pictures...I was so in awe of the day that what I posted is what I took!:)
    I had the bestest time with you!!:)

  3. It does my heart good to see you two having such fun together, even though I'm jealous! Great photos, can't imagine why they didn't want any photos of the quilts taken, though.... it's not like we're about to copy them in their glory!

    Bunch of tired people and pups- the sign of a good day!

  4. JEALOUS!!! See the quilts all piled up in that store? Were they for sale?!?! If so then I have just added buying one of them to my bucket list!

  5. It was lovely to hear all about your trip, and to say I wish I was there would be an understatement, but thrilled you all enjoyed your time together, and went home with wonderful bargins.

  6. Gosh....LUCKY! I'm so jealous too! Maybe I can make it there sometime....after the kids are older. ha.

  7. It sounds like you all had a brilliant day! I so wish I could have joined you.. Maybe one day.. One can dream! In the meantime thanks for the photos. so glad it was nice

  8. I hope you are feeling better, Dena. Your family, including your furry friends, are adorable. I know the feeling of being pooped; Sunday I was sooo tired. I barely made it back home without falling asleep in the car. Justin had to bring in all the luggage. He is such a trooper.

    Can't wait to see you again :)

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time - Zooks is a great shop. Next time, check out some of the other quilt shops in that area - there are several and they have really good bargains!! My quilt pals and I take regular "road trips" to that area to expand our stashes :o)